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HomeAway + ROIKOI

Learn how ROIKOI helped HomeAway:

  • Achieve 4X time savings in sourcing
  • Receive 45% reply rates from automated recruiter outreach
  • Collect over 13,000 passive employee referrals
  • Save $4,000+ per engineering hire

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Why do recruiters love ROIKOI?

We automate how Facebook and Apple recruit.


Identify your employees' great connections

Our sourcing software collects 30 passive referrals from every employee. This generates a curated database of talented candidates inside your employee network.


Attract them through automated outreach

Personalized, automated sequences generate 65% or higher response rates across all candidates. Responses go straight to your inbox.

"Identifying top-notch passive candidates and prioritizing outreach to them first – there’s no way to do that without ROIKOI."

- Antonio Busalacchi


Automate Your Outreach

Contact candidates with 65% response rates.

Send automated email sequences

Automate your sourcing and recruiting strategy by sending personalized email sequences in a single click.

Deliver to personal email addresses

Contact candidates directly through their personal email addresses for higher response rates.

Leverage employee introductions

Automatically reference employees, request personal introductions, or get looped into employee-initiated conversations.

Respond directly from your own inbox

Respond to emails from your own inbox thanks to our built-in, seamless email engine.

Private Sourcing Database

Source and manage candidates hand-picked by your employees.

Run powerful candidate searches

Search your curated candidate sourcing database by role, work history, location, resume, and more.

Save time with built-in scoring and sorting

Our patent-pending sorting algorithm prioritizes candidates through a combination of relevance, likelihood to move, passive referrals made across the entire ROIKOI network, and more.

Find candidates through algorithmic job matching

ROIKOI matches candidates to likely job roles to make searching simple and fast.

Sync with your ATS or CRM

Work seamlessly with your existing sourcing strategy and techniques through powerful ATS and CRM integrations.

Plug-and-Play Ease

Start in minutes, not months.

ROIKOI works as a standalone sourcing and outreach tool, or through powerful ATS and CRM integrations that enhance your existing workflows.

Our Customers

We help great companies, large and small.

download the Case study

Download the HomeAway case study.

Learn how ROIKOI saved HomeAway $4,000+ per hire.