Intouch Solutions Achieves 6X ROI With ROIKOI

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Intouch Solutions is a pharma marketing agency that has connected customers to brands and pioneered the digital landscape for the pharma industry for 15 years. The company is headquartered out of Kansas City, with offices in Chicago and New York, as well.

Intouch believes that a successful interactive marketing approach requires a forward-thinking digital strategy, and leads in technological expertise — thus, when they were in need of more creative minds, they turned to smarter sourcing technology.

Business Concerns

Hiring was a difficult process, especially during certain times of the year when not many people were actively looking for new opportunities. For instance, Intouch took longer than they would have liked to fill an Account Supervisor role, which is when they realized that they needed to focus on finding better candidates. With so much competition with other Chicago agencies and a lack of awareness about their smaller, independently owned company, great candidates already connected to their company would be key in hiring faster and better.


From the time Intouch Solutions teamed up with ROIKOI, their needs were heard and met. The Intouch team was able to ask questions and really get a grasp on the system, especially because it was not overly complex, like a lot of other HR tools.

“HR systems tend to be really complex. ROIKOI is so intuitive that we were able to seamlessly roll it out and gather great candidates, and source from them with ease.” -Parissa Andideh, HR Manager, Intouch Solutions

Intouch kickstarted their use of the platform by rolling it out at a couple pizza parties where they got instant results. During the event each employee logged in and easily went through their networks in 5-7 minutes and recommended countless great people.

Implementation proved successful from the start. Intouch refreshed the process by adding it to the new hire onboarding process. They continued to gather the team (with bagels this time) to strategize on getting more great candidates. They had a number of job openings that still needed to be filled, so the more outstanding candidates they could get, the better.


Intouch received thousands of great passive candidates with ROIKOI. This resulted in many key hires and a 625% ROI for the company. These hires included the positions like Account Supervisors and Senior Copywriters.

Companies save $10K per hire with ROIKOI: the quantified value of time in a day saved sourcing and screening, a 10-day faster time to hire, 2x retention, and eliminating expensive hiring mistakes. Simply put, ROIKOI candidates are 7.2X more likely to be hired than applicants from job boards and sourcing.

What it really came down to for them was the timing — ROIKOI was a good first line of defense to finding great candidates when job seekers aren’t directly coming to them.

“We’ve been happy with ROIKOI because we always have great candidates we can pool from even if no one brings us a resume. This is huge for our time to hire as we still get the quality of an inside referral.” -Parissa Andideh, HR Manager, Intouch Solutions

When they do get active referrals, they can easily cross-reference these with ROIKOI’s database. Vetting candidates is huge for Intouch, especially because getting just one referral can be very polarizing.

The responsiveness of ROIKOI’s team and the effectiveness of the tool significantly boosted Intouch’s candidate quality, hires, and overall growth.

Key Stats

  • ROI: 625%



Intouch Solutions


To engage with more great passive candidates to effectively hire in a competetive market




Many key hires and a 625% ROI

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